Job Interview Simulator

Learning how to master job interviews with an immersive interview coaching tool



Includes VR simulations designed to help with:  

  • 3 steps to answering (almost) any question: Discover a simple, effective technique to answer almost any question
  • Landing the perfect job, on your own terms!: Learn how to turn your needs into strengths with a three-step strategy
  • Managing interview anxiety: Showcase your true strengths and achievements in interviews
  • Interview simulation: The ultimate interview preparation featuring 60 top interview questions

Hardware supported

  • VR: available on all major VR headsets including Oculus, HTC and Pico
  • Mobile: available on Android and iOS (equivalent to iPhone 6S and newer)
  • Desktop: available via Desktop app (PC)

Bodyswaps is an award-winning immersive learning platform designed to deliver lasting behavioural change. Bodyswaps’ VR solutions create a safe space where learners can practise soft skills, with AI-enabled analytical feedback to accelerate personal development. Since 2019, London-based Bodyswaps has helped a wide range of organisations deliver measurable value by building more empathic workplaces and fostering greater inclusivity.




Four times faster to learn than in a classroom



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