Eye Contact Training

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Improve your eye contact and learn how to connect with the audience in this VR scenario. Gamification and heatmaps allow you to review where you are looking and areas you are neglecting.

This module is part of our Essential Public Speaking series.

Learning objectives

  • Overcome a fear of public speaking and feel comfortable speaking in front of audiences of various sizes
  • Know key theory and techniques to deliver effective and memorable speeches
  • Easily design your presentation to engage and persuade your audience
  • Manage nerves and become a confident public speaker with practice in VR
  • Engage and connect with your audience through storytelling
  • Enhance your message with body language, eye contact, and gestures

Coming soon

10-15 mins
People skills
Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


VirtualSpeech is a multi-award winning VR soft skills training platform specialising in using VR and AI to improve communication skills such as public speaking, sales, and leadership.

VirtualSpeech has helped over 350,000 learners across 130+ countries to improve their skills and confidence with our unique blend of e-learning and VR. We’ve worked with major Universities and companies around the world, including Imperial College Business School and Vodafone.

VirtualSpeech was the worlds first platform to combine e-learning with practice and training in VR and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and BBC World News for our innovative approach to learning.

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