Customer Experience

When things go wrong, great customer service isn’t about fulfilling a need. And it’s not about creating a ‘wow’. It’s about looking beyond the immediate transaction to customers’ unseen struggles and finding ways to mitigate them.



  • Experience the emotional impact that disruption has on a fictional customer
  • Practice maintaining control and de-escalating by ‘listening and responding’ rather than ‘reacting’ to an angry customer
  • Explore the positive and negative impacts that good and bad customer service can have on the customer’s emotions and experience

    Hardware supported

    • VR: available on all major VR headsets including Oculus, HTC and Pico
    • Mobile: available on Android and iOS (equivalent to iPhone 6S and newer)
    • Desktop: available via Desktop app (PC)
    • Languages: English and French

    Bodyswaps is an award-winning immersive learning platform designed to deliver lasting behavioural change. Bodyswaps’ VR solutions create a safe space where learners can practise soft skills, with AI-enabled analytical feedback to accelerate personal development. Since 2019, London-based Bodyswaps has helped a wide range of organisations deliver measurable value by building more empathic workplaces and fostering greater inclusivity.




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