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VR training for the pharmaceutical industry

Increasing training efficiency with immersive technology

Explore how VR can help transform the pharmaceutical industry, from improving research and training to streamlining manufacturing & operations.

Bringing operational agility to the pharma sector

Innovation in vaccine development, changing physician interaction, and the need to maintain quality and safety standards amid lowering drug costs have accelerated the digital transformation taking place in the pharma sector.

Yet global change in a highly regulated industry is never easy. Increasing operational agility while maintaining high performance will depend on introducing an ‘always-be-learning’ mindset, helping bring flexibility and repeatability to training in order to lower product time to market.

Immersive learning through virtual reality is the answer to the industry’s needs, delivering the required speed and scale.

Immersive training at the heart of the industry’s transformation

From R&D to manufacturing, clinical trials, and sales and marketing, the Immerse platform enables sophisticated and measurable VR training that boosts agility and reduces costs.

Transforming learning and development through VR

Emerging technologies are essential for the acceleration of product development without impacting quality. VR training brings a new era of speed to the pharma industry, introducing operational and cost efficiencies while supporting compliance practices.

Strengthen research and development

Following the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine production cycles are under the microscope in a bid to cut them down. Not only will this require more efficient instrumentation training for connected lab equipment, but it will also depend on increased collaboration among dispersed research teams working on the same project.

VR training streamlines upskilling and integration when it comes to drug research. Equipment, process, and approval training can be delivered remotely to teams around the world via immersive scenarios that are repeatable and accessible at any time.

Boost clinical trial participation

Clinical trials account for nearly 40% of the pharma research budget. But the majority do not finish on time, incurring more costs, and 11% fail to enrol a single patient. Recruitment and participant retention is the weak link.

VR brings the trial process to life. It creates an immersive experience that makes it easy for participants to understand what’s involved, boosting retention rates and optimising the biggest inefficiency in the clinical trial process – recruitment.

Streamline the manufacturing process with VR

From life-saving drugs to supplements that improve a patient’s day-to-day, the manufacture of pharmaceutical products is critically important to the modern world and must adhere to the highest standards. But training employees before production starts – and for supply distribution – is expensive and time-consuming.

VR can break down complex machine processes or standard operating procedures and recreate them in an interactive multi-user training environment. VR is proven to help employees gain new skills 55% faster, making it easier to quickly upskill your workforce as manufacturing techniques change.

Risk and safety management

Pharmacists are constantly exposed to biological hazards. From risk evaluation to laboratory safety, chemical handling, and beyond, ensuring health and safety standards is essential for protecting employees and maintaining operational efficiency.

Experiential VR training helps employees practice work-safe behaviours in a risk-free environment that’s repeatable on demand. Due to the immersive nature of virtual reality, employees will be 200% less likely to make a mistake after VR training than conventional learning.

Enhance the performance of sales and marketing

Pharma’s investment in sales reps to educate physicians and medical professionals represents 68% of marketing spend. However, a new product launch or change in regulation can require hours of in-person training before sales reps are operational again.

VR makes time-intensive sales training modular and accessible from anywhere. Sales reps spend less time in the classroom and more time in the field. This makes VR a consistent, cost-effective way to ensure your employees are always up to speed, as well as making their ongoing development measurable.

The Immerse difference

Not every VR platform is created equal. Immerse offers comprehensive training and development solutions for global pharma players.

Content freedom

The Immerse Platform is built on a flexible SDK. This gives you freedom over the VR content you use, including full support for multi-user training scenarios to enhance real-time feedback and collaboration.

Enhanced engagement

A fully immersive experience that helps employees learn by doing in a safe, virtual environment. Reinforce the right behaviour and knowledge retention for time and cost-efficient training delivery.

Measurable insight

As every user action is recorded, our platform gives you the data-driven insight you need to drive measurable outcomes. Satisfy compliance needs by objectively tracking employee assessments. And use VR training data to enhance business processes and worker performance.

Scalable distribution

The Immerse Platform is cloud based and hardware agnostic. Available 24/7 from anywhere, it supports a range of VR devices as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications. You can create content once and roll it out countless times.

Seamless integration

VR training works best when it integrates with your existing systems. The Immerse Platform easily connects to your LMS and other business systems to deliver and manage training content, and track progression.

Comprehensive security

VR should be secure as standard. The Immerse Platform has been through rigorous independent penetration testing and offers enterprise-grade security with controlled user access and secure firewall protection.

Transforming radiography training through VR

VR training adds great value because of being able to experience a CCTA set up without holding up the room or patient list.”

– Senior Radiographer, GE Healthcare

Discover how VR can transform your workforce

Learn how the VR training helps employees reskill and upskill to meet new industry imperatives.

Get in touch to explore what the Immerse Platform can achieve for your business.

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