Robust measurement to deliver data-driven insights

 The efficacy of VR training is undisputed. But getting the most value from it and measuring your ROI requires more than anecdotal feedback. It also calls for quantifiable hard data. And while VR can capture both three dimensional and chronological data sets, the challenge is extracting the right insights to help you maximise employee performance and improve processes.

This is where the Immerse Platform really steps up. First it enables you to capture every training action by creating extensive records with over 30 data points per user per second. It then delivers this data in a customisable feedback report which complies with the xAPI protocol – providing flexibility and integrating easily with any LMS or data analytics tools you currently use.

Our data-driven insights help companies:

  • Maximise employee performance and improve processes
  • Drive more measurable outcomes
  • Deliver powerful, auditable performance assessments
  • Demonstrate improvements and efficiency gains by tracking every training action and outcome
  • Replace less-reliable subjective training evaluations with standardised, data-driven measurements

Features at a glance:

Supercharge your workforce and ROI with data-driven insights

Data-driven reports

With our data insights you can automatically capture learning objectives and common errors. Everything a user says and does is captured in 30 data points a second. The Immerse Platform adds reporting scripts to training content and provides you with user behaviour and performance data delivered in a downloadable text-based report.

Review sessions in real-time or play-back

Trainers can watch and evaluate user performance in real-time or via a fully immersive session recording. They can watch as if they were actually there by viewing sessions from any angle at any given moment. Recordings can be accessed in a headset or standard web browser and provide a re-playable proof of completion.

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Discover how VR can transform your workforce

We believe that VR can enhance human performance in remarkable ways. Get in touch to explore what the Immerse Platform can achieve for your business.