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VR training for the manufacturing industry

Foster a culture of safety and productivity with immersive technology

Explore the VR solutions we offer those working in the manufacturing industry, including, skill retention, onboarding and health & safety training.

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Training as efficient as your production line

Industry 4.0 is transforming the factory floor. It’s making the supply chain faster and is helping manufacturers drive growth. But, despite the many benefits of digitalisation for operational efficiency, there’s still a big hurdle to overcome – skill retention.

Capitalising on Industry 4.0 means bringing efficiency to training. Not only to take full advantage of today’s digital reality, but to boost productivity, avoid delays, and increase profitability.

From onboarding new employees to upskilling the existing workforce, a new approach to learning and development is needed. Utilising convenience and ensuring safety, VR training brings employees up to speed quickly and within training budgets.

Comprehensive support for learning and development

Reduce the time it takes to train employees. Increase knowledge retention and minimise the learning curve with VR technology.

Supercharge knowledge sharing with VR

VR training is already transforming learning and development initiatives in manufacturing. In fact, 81% of companies expect VR to be a mainstream technology in their organisation within the next five years.

Build a training repository

High employee turnover, seasonal workers, and an ageing workforce all contribute to a manufacturing skills gap that impacts productivity and the bottom line. With VR, training becomes modular and repeatable. This means you can protect the expertise you’ve invested in.

Employee knowledge can be retained forever in a virtual training scenario even if skilled employees leave or retire. And new modules can be added as needed to expand the training repository. This approach also brings consistency to the training process, ensuring every employee gets the same experience.

Lower financial impact

The manufacturing industry places a premium on cost reduction and efficiency. However, traditional training methods don’t support these goals. They are expensive – not just in materials, but the opportunity cost of idle equipment. At the same time, losing people from the production line to upskill or train employees cripples productivity.

VR solves these issues. Training can be conducted in a virtual environment, without the need for an expensive simulator or lost materials. VR also makes training an independent exercise, enabling internal resources to be better allocated to production-oriented tasks.

Minimise the learning curve

Modern production lines are complex and multi-faceted. They need to be managed by skilled employees. But it takes time for new starters to reach their full potential. The longer the training process takes, the longer it is before they get there.

With VR, immersive training modules can be rolled out quickly and consistently at scale. They can be completed anywhere, at any time. And, as employees are practicing in a virtual environment, any mistakes they make while learning won’t slow down the factory.

Reduce human error

Managing a manufacturing plant requires great attention to detail. Even small mistakes can take time and money to put right. Whether it’s conducting proper spot maintenance, correctly instigating a planned shutdown, or ensuring new equipment is being used in the right way, there’s a lot to remember.

VR training helps employees retain more of what they’ve learned, reducing skill-fade and improving decision-making speed by 52%. Not only that, but VR training has been shown to reduce the likelihood of human error by 200%, in part because it’s repeatable and always accessible.

Enhance safety management

A manufacturing plant is a high-risk environment. Training employees on-the-job using live equipment can be dangerous. VR provides a safer, risk-free alternative.

Immersive, hands-on VR training enables real-world practice without the real-world risk. Scenarios that are highly dangerous or hard to reproduce can be easily, and more cost effectively, replicated in a virtual environment. As a result, employees benefit from a more comprehensive training experience – including emergency scenarios.

The Immerse difference

Not every VR platform is created equal. Immerse offers an efficient training solution for the manufacturing industry.

Content freedom

The Immerse Platform is built on a flexible SDK. This gives you freedom over the VR content you use, including full support for multi-user training scenarios to enhance real-time feedback and collaboration.

Enhanced engagement

A fully immersive experience that helps employees learn by doing in a safe, virtual environment. Reinforce the right behavior and knowledge retention for difficult to replicate scenarios.

Measurable insight

As every user action is recorded, our platform gives you the data-driven insight you need to drive measurable outcomes and identify areas for improvement. Satisfy compliance needs by objectively tracking employee assessments. And use VR training data to enhance business processes and worker performance.

Scalable distribution

The Immerse Platform is cloud based and hardware agnostic. Available 24/7 from anywhere, it supports a range of VR devices as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications. You can create content once and roll it out countless times.

Seamless integration

VR training works best when it integrates with your existing systems. The Immerse Platform easily connects to your LMS and other business systems to deliver and manage training content, and track progression.

Comprehensive security

VR should be secure as standard. The Immerse Platform has been through rigorous independent penetration testing and offers enterprise-grade security with controlled user access and secure firewall protection.

The future of training

VR training is rapidly evolving. See how immersive technology can reduce costs, bringing new efficiencies and enhance employee performance for a variety of use cases.

Discover how VR can transform your workforce

Experiential, immersive VR training is helping the manufacturing industry redefine learning and development to drive growth. Ready to find out more about the Immerse Platform?

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