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VR training for the logistics industry

Maximise warehouse utilisation with immersive technology

Explore the VR solutions we offer those working in logistics, including soft skill retention, onboarding and reinforcing safe practices.

Interactive training that can keep up with your continued growth

Demand for warehouse space has never been higher. And this race for space reflects how shopping habits have changed. Consumers are spending more online than ever before, which has logistics players operating at peak capacity.

Tasked with fulfilling ever higher volumes of packages daily, it’s essential that logistics providers can increase operational efficiency to maximise utilisation. But that’s not all. As much as e-commerce has changed retail, it’s also changed logistics operations. Attracting the next generation of talent is key.

Immersive technologies like VR can bring new efficiencies to logistics operations. VR can reduce costs, enhance performance, and help build company culture to attract and retain new talent.

Create a high-performing training environment

Give employees the interactive training experience they need to enhance speed and boost productivity, enabling you to maximise warehouse utilisation.

Addressing the sector’s biggest challenges

Immersive VR training helps you onboard new employees faster, at a lower cost and introduces greater efficiency.

DHL training

Optimise employee onboarding

Despite the advances of technology, warehouses require a lot of manual labour. Whether it’s processing goods, controlling packing equipment, operating a forklift, or loading a truck, no warehouse can function without well-trained staff.

With VR, warehouse operators can learn to use new equipment in an immersive, fully interactive environment that’s proven to cut time to proficiency by 53%. Not only does VR help get new starters operational much faster, but warehouse machinery doesn’t have to be taken offline for the purpose of training.

Reduce training costs

Whether being brought up to speed by an experienced member of the team or in a classroom environment as part of a group, the cost of traditional training is high. Using professional instructors is expensive. And, if experienced team members are pulled off their main duties to train a new starter, productivity will drop.

VR training protects warehouse workflows, and it’s 50%+ more cost effective than classroom-based alternatives – you can create training content once and deploy it again and again.

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DHL training

Reinforce safe practices

Operational efficiency is a key driver behind the use of technology in logistics. But it cannot come at the cost of health and safety. Ensuring operatives know how to identify and respond to hazards is critical. Even the smallest mistake could lead to injury.

After virtual reality health & safety training, employees are 200% less likely to make a mistake. And, as training is undertaken in a virtual environment, there’s no risk to employees, equipment, or customer goods.

Build culture and soft skills

Logistics managers need a mix of soft and leadership skills to get the most out of their teams. It’s important that they can communicate effectively, handle difficult conversations, negotiate, and show empathy. VR offers the hands-on, interactive training required to build confidence in these areas.

Virtual reality in corporate training has proven to be an engaging, cost-effective way for building the soft skills needed for any work scenario. Also, employees can complete VR training anywhere and any time, without an impact to operations.

Attract the next generation of talent

Logistics operations have become increasingly complex. They involve many technologically-driven processes, which has changed the type of skills needed to maximise efficiencies.

Attracting and retaining a diverse range of skilled candidates depends on enhancing the employee experience. VR can help to differentiate your employer brand, as well as introducing more effective pre-hire skills screening. Candidates can be assessed on their technical skills by performing an in-role task within a virtual environment.

The Immerse difference

Not every VR platform is created equal. Immerse helps navigate the efficiency challenge faced by the logistics sector.

Content freedom

The Immerse Platform is built on a flexible SDK. This gives you freedom over the VR content you use, including full support for multi-user training scenarios to enhance real-time feedback and collaboration.

Enhanced engagement

A fully immersive experience that helps employees learn by doing in a safe, virtual environment. Reinforce the right behavior and knowledge retention for difficult to replicate scenarios.

Measurable insight

As every user action is recorded, our platform gives you the data-driven insight you need to drive measurable outcomes. Satisfy compliance needs by objectively tracking employee assessments. And use VR training data to enhance business processes and worker performance.

Scalable distribution

The Immerse Platform is cloud based and hardware agnostic. Available 24/7 from anywhere, it supports a range of VR devices as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications. You can create content once and roll it out countless times.

Seamless integration

VR training works best when it integrates with your existing systems. The Immerse Platform easily connects to your LMS and other business systems to deliver and manage training content, and track progression.

Comprehensive security

VR should be secure as standard. The Immerse Platform has been through rigorous independent penetration testing and offers enterprise-grade security with controlled user access and secure firewall protection.

Safe and efficient VR cargo training

We see VR as a powerful tool for employee engagement and motivation. This is the first stage of a three year process of embedding VR at the centre of how we build and train teams across our global network.

– Rick Jackson, Senior Vice President, DHL Express

Discover how VR can transform your workforce

The right VR training platform can optimise employee performance, reduce training costs, and provide the scale you need to respond to growing e-commerce demand. Ready to find out more?

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