Immersive training platform for life sciences

Aggregate, distribute and analyze all of your immersive content in one place

Deliver impactful and measurable immersive training experiences

Explore how XR can help transform the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, from improving manufacturing & operations to streamlining patient and clinician education.

The Immerse Platform

The truly open and scalable platform for enterprise XR

One place for any type of immersive content from any vendor, giving you choice and flexibility.


Aggregate any form of immersive content (VR, AR, MR, 360 Video, WebGl, etc.) from multiple sources into one easy to use platform.


From LMS to SSO to MDM the device agnostic platform ensures that the user journey is frictionless, targeted, and secure.


Immerse is the only platform in the world that allows for standardized reporting across all immersive content.

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Powerful outcomes generated by XR


Employee engagement


Information recall rates


Reduction in training time


Accident risk reduction

Case study

Aseptic manufacturing process

This global life sciences company achieved a 50% reduction in time for technical training.

This company is working with Immerse to deliver a revolutionary virtual reality training experience for the aseptic manufacturing process. This is a linear experience where the operator is taught the correct order of the procedure.

By training operators on the process in VR, we are able to ensure the time they spend on the physical machine is more productive, as operators will be prepared, experienced and practiced. 

50% reduction in time for technical training.

Speed to market – Training operators in VR first increased speed to market and helped them to meet increasing demand.

Increased operator confidence as new operators are familiar with the machine parts before seeing them in the plant.

Sustainability impact – Greatly reduced the need to use ICCW kits and the use of sterile gowns.

Transforming learning and development through XR

Emerging technologies are essential for the acceleration of product time to market without impacting quality. XR training brings a new era of speed to the life sciences industry, improving operational and cost efficiencies while supporting compliance practices.

Risk and safety management

Immersive environments allow employees to fail safely in simulated workplace safety and emergency situations.

Streamline manufacturing training

Consistent and repeatable virtual environments that let employees build the hands-on skills they need, reducing downtime and business interruption.

Boost clinical trial participation

XR creates an immersive experience that makes it easy for participants to understand what’s involved, boosting retention rates and optimising the biggest inefficiency in the clinical trial process - recruitment.

Soft skills and onboarding

Deliver immersive training experiences to help employees build the soft skills they need for organisational success such as DE&I, Leadership, Empathy and more. Create immersive employee onboarding experiences that help new hires internalise company values quickly.

Enhance the performance of sales and marketing

Sales reps can access immersive training from anywhere, spending less time in the classroom and more time in the field. Deliver memorable training for clinicians and improve the patient experience.

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Bringing operational agility to life sciences sector

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“With the standalone VR assets, our life becomes easier, as we have all the tools to create, scale, measure, and roll out the training globally. The Immerse Platform will play a key role in the future of immersive VR training at Nestlé.” - Jeremy Moussai, Global IT Innovation Manager, Nestlé

“VR training adds great value because of being able to experience a CCTA set up without holding up the room or patient list.” - Senior Radiographer, GE Healthcare

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