Seamlessly integrate VR training with existing systems

We make it easy for companies to manage and scale VR training and put seamless integration at the core of Immerse VEP’s design. The platform simplifies the user journey and makes it infinitely easier to manage your own IT systems. Users can be authenticated into the platform using Single Sign On (SSO), providing them with secure access to all your training content. You can also export quantifiable data assessments to your LMS, a learning record store or any other type of business intelligence tool you might use.

Easy integration with existing systems helps:

  • Simplify the user journey
  • Remove complexity and simplify IT systems management
  • Speed up the wider roll-out of VR training into broader learning and development programmes
  • Eliminate the need for stand-alone training or running parallel systems and processes
  • Export quantifiable data to an existing LMS, learning record store or other business intelligence tool
  • Peace of mind with secure user data transfer.

Features at a glance:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) with support for OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect
  • xAPI support


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