Easily deploy and scale VR training

Managing and scaling up across large numbers of users can add complexity and risk to VR training. You might need to roll out content to a globally distributed workforce. And each training scenario will likely have different requirements such as single or multiple users, or the need to access via different VR headset types.

Immerse VEP addresses the nuanced challenges of even the largest organisation. We ensure your program delivers value and longevity by making it straightforward to scale and deploy VR training. We simplify the process of managing both users and content, providing flexibility around multi-user options and access. And we do all this while negating the headache of internal hardware upgrades.

Our platform enables your business to easily deploy and scale VR training by:

  • Making it straightforward to manage users and content
  • Increasing throughput and reducing costs
  • Delivering training through a VR headset or standard web browser
  • Providing the freedom to choose VR headset type
  • Offering intuitive and standardised secure user access via URL or PIN codes
  • Giving you easy access to content stored in a central location

Onsite or remote assessment

Trainers and assessors can offer real-time guidance and assessment by observing or interacting with users – even if they are in different locations. They can watch as if they were actually there by viewing sessions from any angle at any given moment. They can access through a web-browser too – so a VR headset isn’t required.

VR or web browser access

Deliver content through headsets or simply via a web browser, much like an interactive video conferencing application. Users can access sessions via a simple URL or PIN code. This provides a range of options for the delivery of team training and collaborative experiences.

Control user access

Having control over user access makes it much easier to scale your VR training. As all users log into our cloud-based application directly or via Single Sign-On authentication, you can easily manage user access and create audit logs.

Single or multi-user options

Train and assess individuals or groups across locations by allowing single or multiple participants in the same training scenario. You get detailed reporting and analytics that capture every action, making for stronger post-training reviews and helping you maximise employee performance.


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