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VR training for the consumer packaged goods

Streamlining employee training with immersive technology

Explore VR training for the consumer packaged goods industry, including skill based training, onboarding and health & safety training.

Navigating disruption to drive growth

Changing consumer behaviours, new automated manufacturing methodologies, and volatile input costs have forever changed the playing field for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. One-in-three are now exploring direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels which will transform business models even further.

CPG businesses need to enhance employee skills and knowledge, and increase productivity, to ensure organisational resilience. They also need to attract and retain top talent. Yet equipping a globally dispersed, large workforce with the right tools and skills on an ongoing basis has a unique set of challenges.

Experiential self-learning through virtual reality is an ideal way to deliver efficiency, repeatability, and speed of training at scale.

React to changing market needs

Upskill your global workforce. Bring efficiency and repeatability to training with VR.

Transforming learning and development through VR

From technical skills for the shopfloor to soft skills like negotiation, immersive VR training helps drive uniform standards across the organisation and brings flexibility and resiliency to CPG business operations. All at a fraction of the cost of conventional classroom-based training.

Drive training efficiency

Your people are your greatest asset. Yet only 36 percent of those new to the workforce feel they have the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their role. Changing business parameters in the CPG sector means highly effective onboarding to build new skills and drive greater productivity is essential.

VR brings efficiency to the process. Virtual training scenarios can be created once then rolled out across the organisation and undertaken remotely. This makes training a centralised, repeatable offering that helps preserve institutional knowledge and practical experience.

Introduce resilience and repeatability

Evolving market conditions call for operational flexibility in manufacturing and distribution operations while ensuring standards are maintained. Helping employees and contractors upskill and reskill quickly in response to new imperatives is a key part of business continuity.

VR makes it easier to bring employees up to speed. New starters can be trained at scale, with VR helping employees to learn new skills 55% faster. Training can also be repeated on-demand as needed and without taking critical business equipment offline, further driving efficiency.

Risk and safety management

Safety incidents can have a significant impact both socially and in terms of productivity. There’s also the business cost of injury compensation, which is estimated at $62 billion a year.

Experiential VR safety training helps employees and contractors practice work-safe behaviours in a risk-free environment, ensuring they comply with international safety regulations. People learn best by doing, and as a result are 200% less likely to make a mistake after VR training than conventional learning.

Build culture and soft skills

VR training creates a safe environment for practicing and fine-tuning interpersonal skills. It is proven to be a more engaging and impactful way to build key soft skills including problem solving, negotiation, and leadership development.

VR can also reinforce a strong corporate culture, delivering enhanced diversity and inclusion training to further attract and retain talent, as well as building preference for the employer brand. Employees can train anywhere and at their own pace. This greatly reduces costs, downtime, and operational disruption.

Enhance sales and marketing initiatives

A lot of time and money is spent to find the optimal placement for in-store products and the ideal pricing strategy. VR makes it easier to trial new ideas and test their impact on the consumer experience.

Virtual retail store scenarios can help employees visualise what products go well together. It’s also a cost-effective way to perform market research at scale, gaining valuable insight into how product placement impacts behaviour and how this can be used to maximise sales.

The Immerse difference

Not every enterprise-ready VR solution is created equal. Find out how Immerse helps you supercharge the employee experience and maximise ROI.

Content freedom

The Immerse Platform is built on a flexible SDK. This gives you freedom over the VR content you use, including full support for multi-user training scenarios to enhance real-time feedback and collaboration.

Enhanced engagement

A fully immersive experience that helps employees learn by doing in a safe, virtual environment. Reinforce the right behavior and knowledge retention for difficult to replicate scenarios.

Measurable insight

As every user action is recorded, our platform gives you the data-driven insight you need to drive measurable outcomes. Satisfy compliance needs by objectively tracking employee assessments. And use VR training data to enhance business processes and worker performance.

Scalable distribution

The Immerse Platform is cloud based and hardware agnostic. Available 24/7 from anywhere, it supports a range of VR devices as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications. You can create content once and roll it out countless times.

Seamless integration

VR training works best when it integrates with your existing systems. The Immerse Platform easily connects to your LMS and other business systems to deliver and manage training content, and track progression.

Comprehensive security

VR should be secure as standard. The Immerse Platform has been through rigorous independent penetration testing and offers enterprise-grade security with controlled user access and secure firewall protection.

Ensuring best practice with VR training

“One of the things we recognised was the need for experiential learning to support our remote sales teams.We wanted them to not only apply the skills they’d learned but be able to play around in a virtual environment to understand the impact of their decisions. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

– Mark Christianson, Delivery Senior Lead, Digital Workplace, MARS

Discover how VR can transform your workforce

Bringing efficiency, repeatability, and scalability to CPG: The importance of VR

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