Our VR content solutions

If you need help creating VR content for your organisation at any stage, we have all the expertise you need to design, build and implement world-class VR solutions that make a difference. Here’s how we can partner with you.

Defining your content requirements

Our passion for VR and the opportunity it offers for solving business challenges goes right through our multi-skilled team, from 3D designers, developers, UX to project managers, everyone has the same outlook. This passion, coupled with our experience in the learning & development sector, enables our expert team to work with you to research and recommend the most effective use of VR training for your organisation.

Creating the content

Once weve agreed on an outline strategy, we will work with you to define and agree the best process for the creation of the VR content. Various options are available:

  • You work directly with us to create the content
  • You use an external agency or internal resource to create the content
  • You supply us with existing content which we then optimise for use on our platform

Maximising the value and impact of your content

It’s important for you to be able to gain maximum value and impact from your content, our Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) enables this in three key ways. Firstly by enabling your content to be scaled across your organisation, secondly by enabling that content to be integrated into your existing systems (e.g. an LMS), and lastly by enabling you to measure the impact of that VR training on your employees and enterprise.


How long does it take to create a VR training Proof of Concept (POC)?

A POC can be produced and deployed quickly depending on your requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Once we have created VR training content, how do we deploy and measure it?

Our Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) has been built to enable enterprises to create, scale, measure and integrate their VR training content. More platform information can be found here.  

Do we have to use you to create our content?

No, you are free to use whoever you would like to create your content. We are able to work with internal resource or your existing agencies as required.

Can we use our existing CAD files to create VR content?

Where possible we will always try to use existing content, this is dependent on how the CAD data has been created. If it has been created correctly it is a relatively easy process to import it.

We have some developer (Unity) skills inhouse, do you have a tool they can use to create VR content?

Our SDK (Software Development Kit) has been built for developers who have a basic level or above of Unity experience. An interaction library speeds up the content creation process, saving time and costs.



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