Content freedom: create new or reuse existing content

Immerse VEP is a true open platform, giving you total freedom of choice and flexibility around the content you use.

  • Create new content or import existing content
  • Retain freedom by not being locked in with a single content provider
  • Own your content with the flexibility to develop and redesign it at any point
  • Maximise the impact of content with quantifiable data insights
  • Easily scale content with minimal set-up or expertise
  • Deliver a consistent training approach across all content

Training needs to change and evolve for any growing business. Which means flexibility becomes a crucial ingredient of an effective VR content programme.

Without knowing what innovations lie ahead, it makes little sense to get locked-in to one provider. An effective programme also requires consistency – around both content creation and developing a training framework for your content providers to work with. On top of this, content must be easy to integrate, scale and deploy and then measure – otherwise your return on ROI will be limited.

Key features at a glance:


How long does it take to create a VR training Proof of Concept (POC)?

The duration of a project will depend on your requirements but on average a VR training POC would take a minimum of 3 months (from briefing to delivery).

Once we have created VR training content, how do we deploy and measure it?

Our Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) has been built to enable enterprises to create, scale, measure and integrate their VR training content. More platform information can be found here.

Do we have to use you to create our content?

No, you are free to use whoever you would like to create your content. You also are able to import your existing VR content onto our platform.

Can we use our existing VR content?

Yes, existing Unity VR content can be imported onto our platform with minimal effort.

We have some developer (Unity) skills inhouse, do you have a tool they can use to create VR content?


Our SDK (Software Development Kit) has been built for developers who have a basic level or above of Unity experience. An interaction library speeds up the content creation process, saving time and costs.



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