The Immerse Marketplace, and the vital role of content partners.

6 Jun, 2022

Ease of access is more important to consumers than ever before. Netflix, Spotify, and LinkedIn Learning are just a few platforms that are focused on consumer accessibility, gathering a vast range of audio and video content under one ‘roof’.  This provides users with seamless and open access to the best material, regardless of location, while giving creators a platform to host their content and share it with the world. The Immerse Marketplace, which launched on May 16th, aims to do the same for the world of VR training content.

The Immerse Marketplace is the home to industry-leading enterprise VR material from the world’s best content creators. It acts as a one-stop shop for leaders looking to introduce immersive training to their employees and scale it throughout their organization. 

This is a ground-breaking development in the world of VR training. Traditionally, businesses looking to purchase immersive training content could only do so from a single provider, greatly restricting their choice. The Immerse VR Marketplace changes this by creating an open market, free from restrictions, for leaders who are hungry for immersive training content.

You can immediately see the benefit for businesses, but The Immerse Marketplace is equally valuable for content providers. Through our marketplace, providers can host their content in front of our expanding client roster, which includes the likes of Shell, BP, Facebook, Nestlé, and MARS. To date, The Immerse Marketplace hosts over 120 pieces of content from 25 different partners. Additionally, Immerse is the only VR company that currently has a storefront on SAP SuccessFactors, which allows partner content to reach a whole new audience of enterprise leaders.

One of the longest-standing points of tension within the VR content industry is the divide between content creators and content customers. Creating content can be a consuming process, and if you’re a particularly small business, the investment is great. The question is: how can content creators ensure that this investment is going to be worthwhile, and meet the needs of enterprise business leaders? The Immerse Marketplace breaks that stalemate, allowing content creators to immediately host their content in front of an audience of global businesses looking for training solutions. 

Turning local partners into global partners 

By having an open marketplace that creators can host their content on, and simultaneously holding a strong client roster, we can help leverage smaller content creators and raise their profile in the industry. This enables them to go from being local partners to global partners, hosting their content in front of potential buyers at a much lower-level of investment. 

As a start-up business ourselves, we are passionate about elevating and raising the profile of other VR start-ups and SMEs across the world. But without the time and money, this can be difficult. That’s why we want those using The Immerse Marketplace to not only allow content creators to host and monetize their existing training content that they have retained the IP for, but also benefit from our active sales team. After many years in the industry, we have built a presence with speaking slots at the likes of AWE USA 2022, and our sales team are constantly out in the market, which helps to speed up the route-to-market for content creators too.

Christophe Mallet, CEO and Co-Founder of VR and mobile platform for soft skills training company Body Swaps, says “Partnering with Immerse has provided us with access to multinational organizations, new markets and additional revenue opportunities. Having already seen such great value from the partnership, we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Adi Stephen, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at The Boiler Room Productions, says “Partnering with Immerse has added immense value in terms of content creation and the gamification of the experience. We can now easily distribute content to clients, while also tracking process through the Immerse Platform and adding features from the Software Development Kit (SDK).”

Breaking down ‘walled gardens’

Currently, a lot of developers are building what are termed ‘walled gardens’: content hubs created for their customers which don’t allow for other content to integrate within. From a business perspective, these developers see the benefit in having their ‘garden’ as a one stop for their customers, by restricting businesses from purchasing content from their competitors.

At Immerse, we believe in open VR. We want enterprise businesses and content creators alike to benefit from ‘open-gardens’ which make VR training content accessible to all. We believe that open collaboration is necessary for immersive training to reach its true potential, while also bringing down the cost which is currently a significant barrier to mainstream adoption. It is clear from speaking with organizations like Gartner, who have a broad view of what’s happening across the industry, that the notion of breaking down walled-gardens is an exciting step for the industry.

By John Fecci, Partnerships Director at Immerse

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