Immerse Announces Partnership with Global Skills and Talent Development Company NIIT

18 Nov, 2021

The partnership will see NIIT expand their experiential training offering via the Immerse platform

Enterprise virtual reality (VR) software provider Immerse has today announced its new partnership with NIIT, a global skills and talent development company and leading provider of managed training services.

Virtual Reality is transforming the way we learn, explore and interact, especially as the pandemic has accelerated companies digitisation strategies. With a global customer base and customers such as DHL, Nestl√© and bp, Immerse provides the enterprise technology that allows businesses to create, distribute, measure and integrate all forms of immersive content using highly secure cloud-based systems.The partnership will see Immerse and NIIT working together to create immersive learning solutions for customers, utilising NIIT’s expertise in developing immersive learning solutions and hosting them on the cutting-edge Immerse Platform.

NIIT and Immerse will also collaborate on referrals, inter-party collaboration on products or services, as well as joint sales and marketing initiatives. The two companies will work in partnership to create transformative learning experiences utilising virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and other experiential learning technologies hosted on the Immerse platform.

Sailesh Lalla, Executive Vice President at NIIT, said “We are very excited about our partnership with Immerse. We believe that immersive and experiential technology is the future of learning. When we combine the immersive content design and pedagogical strengths of NIIT with the powerful hosting and tracking capabilities of the Immerse platform, we can create truly transformative learning experiences that deliver measurable impact.”

Tom Symonds, CEO of Immerse says “We are delighted to have partnered with the team at NIIT to help scale immersive training content throughout organisations. Future-thinking enterprises need immersive and impactful training to continue upskilling employees and retain talent. This partnership is part of an ongoing initiative from Immerse to build an ecosystem where the Immerse Platform will empower and enable organisations to embrace the future of training in the workplace and we’re thrilled to be able to progress this further with NIIT.”

About Immerse

Immerse is a global virtual reality technology company that has developed the Immerse Platform. Built for enterprise from the ground up, the Immerse Platform enables companies to create, scale and measure virtual reality training.

With clients in a wide range of industries such as CPG, oil and gas, pharma and life science and power and utilities, using the Immerse Platform enables companies to train and assess their employees in radically new ways maximising human performance and the employee experience.

About NIIT

Established in 1981, NIIT Limited, a global leader in Skills and Talent Development, offers multi-disciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions, and individuals in over 30 countries. NIIT has two main lines of business across the globe – Corporate Learning Group and the Skills and Careers Group.

NIIT’s Corporate Learning Group (CLG)offers a comprehensive suite of Managed Training Services including custom curriculum design and content development, learning administration, learning delivery, strategic sourcing, learning technology, and advisory services. With a prolific team of experienced learning professionals, NIIT is dedicated to helping customers increase the business value of learning and development (L&D). Built on the sound principles of “Running Training like a Business’, NIIT’s Managed Training Services and best-in-class training processes enable customers to align business goals with L&D and demonstrably improve learning effectiveness and efficiency to create transformative business impact.

Visit us at: or write to us at: Follow us on twitter @NIITMTS.

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