The Upskill Ultimatum – Transform your training, or lose your talent.

22 Sep, 2021

Following a year in which the world shifted beyond all recognition, talent management is firmly on the agenda. As businesses battle it out for the best talent, innovative training is something that can set them apart from the competition. Facing fundamental shifts in working patterns, employees are looking for support from their employer to help them adapt.

But the pace of change in training is not matching the pace of technological innovation. The pandemic has forced businesses into damage limitation mode, and leaders are failing to take the long view when it comes to talent.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Immerse Upskill Ultimatum report. We surveyed knowledge workers and HR professionals to gather their predictions on the future of training and upskilling.

The research reveals that the companies that are capitalising on innovative training technologies are pulling ahead, and those that feel there’s time to coast are being left behind. The longer they wait to modernise their training practices, the more they risk losing their best people – and their market share.

By embracing cutting-edge training applications, enterprises can gain a competitive edge: driving recruitment, aiding retention and equipping their workforce for a future that remains decidedly uncertain.

Download The Upskill Ultimatum to find out what businesses need to do to bridge the training innovation gap.

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