How VR & AR Can Unlock Employee Experience EX

5 Mar, 2021

The team at Immerse joined Cathy Hackl for a talk about how employee experience (EX) is becoming as important as customer experience (CX) and how AR and VR can unlock EX’s full potential.

Focus on employee experience has been on the rise as companies realize that EX has a direct impact on company ROI. A joint report from Forbes Insights and Salesforce revealed that companies that have both high EX and CX see almost double the revenue growth as those that do not.*

As companies accelerate their digital transformation and continue to push further into the workplace of the future, technologies like VR and AR hold the key to unlocking the full potential of the employee experience, leading to higher engagement, positive outcomes and even employee retention.

*Forbes Insights Research – The Experience Equation: How Happy Employees and Customers Accelerate Growth

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