Using Virtual Reality to Train Workers in Back to Office Protocol

21 Jan, 2021

With Covid-19 vaccines rolling out, many businesses are now preparing to reopen their premises with precautions in mind to prevent risk health and safety claims. Have you got the protocols and training in place to ensure your employees can return safely to their workplace? Immerse has created a return to work virtual training program that effectively increases employee health and safety compliance based on the latest social distancing, face covering and hand washing advice of the World Health Organisation and CDC.

Watch Jeanne Meister, Managing Partner, Future Workplace, and Bill Finegan, EVP North America at Immerse, to learn the latest research on a sample of HR, IT, and Real Estate leaders on going back to the office, and learn how the Immerse virtual training program can help you:
  • Increase your understanding of health and safety guidelines needed post Covid-19
  • Use (VR) to train workers in returning to the office safely


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