Libra Europe Consulting Seizes the Opportunity Enterprise VR offers by Partnering with Immerse

17 Sep, 2019

Immerse, a leading provider of measurable, scalable VR training for business, has announced its partnership with Libra Europe Consulting (LEC). LEC will be incorporating the Immerse Software as a Service (SaaS) platform into their existing bespoke consulting practice. 

LEC’s vision for the next generation of training has VR at its heart, developing workplace knowledge and skills that are both meaningful and measurable to organisations and individuals. They were quick to spot the potential of the Immerse Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) to help them realise this vision. Their partnership with Immerse signifies LEC’s intention to ensure VR is a key part of their learning and development offering, cementing a position at the forefront of the enterprise training shift. 

Ben Davies, Managing Director of Learning and Development at LEC said, “VR will be the industry standard for enterprise training in the years to come, and for good reason. Learning and development has long been plagued by the inability to definitively measure improvement or retention. For the first time, VR training presents the ability to quantify what is otherwise subjective.”

“The Immerse platform stood out to us due to its extensive data capture and analytics capabilities that can scale across entire organisations. This level of analysis will underpin our current offering, enabling LEC to clearly model and demonstrate effective training, efficiencies gained and ultimately financial benefit.”

Immerse’s ability to capture over 30 VR data points per second enables them to quantify previously subjective outputs, positioning them as the ideal partner for LEC by adding a further dimension to the LEC Change Management proposition. The Immerse Software Development Kit (SDK) also enables the creation of VR content quickly and efficiently, providing the ability to vary tasks, as there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Tom Symonds CEO at Immerse said, “Developing an ecosystem of partners is a must for Immerse, as enterprises adopt a more strategic approach to measurable, innovative VR platforms for training. The opportunity to work with Libra as a value adding partner across our target market sectors is certainly an exciting one.”

LEC is currently incorporating the Immerse training platform across their consulting practices, starting with Libra-3E. L3E was created to address the ongoing requirement to focus on learning and development needs within organisations. The introduction of enterprise VR training capabilities emphasises its lasting commitment towards innovative practices to engage, empower and enable learners.

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