Immerse at AWE USA 2018

19 Jun, 2018

Last week, Harry and Justin from Immerse travelled to Santa Clara to attend and exhibit at the Augmented World Exhibition.

H and J AWE

The Santa Clara Convention Centre was packed with people eager to talk and learn about everything related to virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Immerse were showcasing their virtual reality platform and software which allows multiple people from anywhere in the world to come together in interactive life-like virtual worlds. To show the power of the collaborative tools included in the platform,

Immerse were running live real time training scenario made for Inmarsat on their stand.  Visitors joined through a VR headset and then were trained live by the back in the main office in London, UK.

There was a very high demand for live demonstrations, keeping the London office very busy into the early hours of the morning! The office ran an average of one demonstration every ten minutes, constructing the satellite and resetting for the next person.

AWE USA Stand 2018

Visitors could see how effectively a huge crowd of people could be trained on a particular scene, without being rushed or pressurised, and how easy it is to be ready for the next person. Even those with no experience in virtual reality or gaming found the controls easy to use and at the end of the scenario reported that they felt they learnt and retained a lot more than if they were asked to assemble the terminal from an instruction card.

A video summary of the process of building the terminal can be found at

If you missed out on your chance to try our VR software and platform and would like a demonstration, please contact us and we can schedule a visit or call.

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