The Immerse demo proves popular at Learning Technologies Show

12 Mar, 2018

At the Learning Technology Exhibition and Conference 2018, Immerse ran more live demonstrations of their Virtual Reality platform than ever before in a two day period.

Immerse’s VR platform can support up to 5 people in VR headsets, and an additional 10 browser users from anywhere in the world. This, along with additional collaboration functionality such as web browser access, webcam and presentation modes, allows for true global collaboration and interaction. To showcase their multi-user capacity, five separate vive areas were set up across the exhibition stand, exclusive conference floor, and the Immerse London office.

With these stations in place, Immerse were able to demonstrate their Virtual Reality Platform to hundreds of attendees seamlessly, providing a meaningful and engaging insight into their product capabilities. Users spent between 5 and 10 minutes each inside the scenarios, during which they were either guided through assembling a satellite terminal, or explored and interacted with a model of a radial engine. These examples showcased two of Immerse’s offerings, full consultancy, design and build, and also instant upload and interactivity.

Within these scenarios, users were able to experience the level of detail and interaction available in virtual reality, and speak to the other users in crystal clear live voice. Users quickly felt as if they were actually in the same room as each other, and forgot they were actually in a busy exhibition hall! Within a few minutes, guests who had never put a VR headset on before could construct and fully connect an Inmarsat satellite terminal, demonstrating the power of VR for training and learning.

During the two day event, users reported great user experiences. Even with multiple demo zones, queues often formed at the Immerse stand, as eager guests watching others work through the training process on screen wished to try the experience themselves.

Each demonstration area included a large screen which showed the audience exactly what the person in VR was seeing. They could see other users from the other areas on the screen, represented by different coloured avatars, and so could easily understand what was happening in the virtual scenario.

There was a constant sense of interest and excitement on the stand, and there was a clear sense that intelligent use and partnership around VR training would deliver value and clear business advantages.

After recently adding several new Blue Chip customers across a diverse range of industries, Immerse is keen to follow up with everyone they spoke to at the Learning Technologies Event.

If you would like to find out more about how Immerse’s products and how they can benefit your company, contact us here

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