Immerse Research Doubling our Virtual Reality User Capacity

5 Mar, 2018

Immerse provide a virtual reality platform and numerous VR solutions to a number of leading companies in the UK, including Inmarsat, QinetiQ and DHL.

Previously we have been able to confidently support up to 5 people in each scenario wearing VR headsets, and an additional ten people joining from their web browsers.

Excitingly, our development team are aiming to push the boundaries for our multi-user training capacity. We are currently testing the maximum numbers of VR users our platform can confidently support, and we are seeing success with up to 10 VR users. Soon we hope to be able to announce that ten people from anywhere in the world can access any scenario on our platform, to collaborate and interact with colleagues and contacts in the virtual world.

Multiple users in VR

The images in this article show a number of the team engaging together in team meetings, or interacting with our arcade demo scene. Each different coloured head and hands represents one person in a VR headset, who can be anywhere in the world. We joined the scene from different locations, including our London office, and colleagues homes in London, Wales and Russia. Although there are some repeat colours in the images, each avatar can be set as a different colour to make it easier to distinguish between different people.

Our demo scene contains 4 different interactive stations that can be used to get people used to the VR experience, and as a fun space to chat with others in VR.

10 users in VR

We are about to launch a number of short videos that explore our demo scene in more detail. Please subscribe to our blog to get notifications when these go live.

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