Got a Training Session but trains are cancelled? S-NO-W Problem!

28 Feb, 2018

As a child snow days are excellent! School is cancelled and the whole day is full of cold but fun antics without a care.

As an adult a forecast of snow is not quite as exciting. While those of us who can work remotely take to our home offices and sofas, happily sip hot drinks and look out of our windows, there are many who arenít so lucky.

Training sessions take a long time to arrange, are booked in advance and often have to be paid for even if the trainees cannot attend the session. When trains are delayed or even cancelled entirely and roads are blocked and dangerous, it can be difficult or even impossible for employees to travel to the office or training centres.

Not only may the company lose money, training needs to be rearranged which can cause huge delays in upskilling staff.

How do you Ensure Commuter Problems Donít Interfere with Training?

By moving training into Virtual Reality, travel issues are instantly removed. Rather than spending hours travelling to an office or training centre, training can be conducted from peoplesí homes.

Trainers and Trainees can be instantly transported into the perfect scenario for training, whether that is a conference room, machinery floor or remote location. Multiple VR users and web browsers (for those who donít have headsets) can log in from anywhere in the world at a momentís notice, making it much easier to arrange between multiple people.

In addition, as the VR platform is available 24/7, people from different timezones can easily come together at times that suit all parties.

If you are currently sitting at home when you should be elsewhere, virtual reality may be the contingency plan your business needs

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