Immerse and Inmarsat – Ahead of Inmarsat World

2 Nov, 2017

Immerse are excited to be attending the Inmarsat World Conference in Lisbon on the 6th – 8th November. We thought this would be a great time to showcase the work we’ve done with Inmarsat as part of their iMPACT! Initiative.

iMPACT! is a dedicated space for showcasing the latest technologies Inmarsat have embraced to further allow them to solve their clients’ problems. The space allows them to demonstrate their latest technological offerings and engage emotively with customers. This allows a greater understanding of how their complex networks can be applied to help achieve company goals.

Inmarsat asked us to use our platform to create a range of VR scenarios to demonstrate a number of their products and services in an engaging and emotive way. Using virtual reality, Inmarsat can introduce their customers to a range of environments and scenarios with terminals and equipment. These scenes can be used to demonstrate ease of use and effectiveness of their products and services.

Inmarsat Cheetah

Two users in different locations working together in VR to assemble a satellite terminal in a desert setting

A video of one of the scenes with two users in different locations assembling a satellite terminal can be viewed here.

If you’re attending the Inmarsat World Conference, or the Web Summit also in Lisbon and would like to meet up, please get in touch!