Meta for Business, DHL and Immerse

17 Oct, 2017

As announced at the Meta Connect 4 event last week, Facebook and Meta have officially launched Meta for Business.

Immerse, working with DHL Express, are delighted to be one of the early partners of this scheme. Meta for business aims to make VR an indispensable part of our daily lives, impacting the way we collaborate, discover, and learn, at scale.

DHL Express chose Immerse to further their Certified International Specialist (CIS) program, with a four stage roadmap planned to span until into 2019.

Meta for business, Immerse and DHL

Meta for business, Immerse and DHL

Current Initiatives

Stage one is already underway with Immerse creating an interactive and immersive VR experience for DHL. Users can move between a DHL branded canteen, airplane hangar and cargo plane, even in a small physical space. Users can interact with numerous objects in the scene, moving and stacking boxes, operating cargo lifts and meeting virtual avatars. This scenario will be used to build awareness of the possibilities and applications of VR and to increase the awareness and understanding across DHL before its roll out in the CIS program.

Watch DHL and Immerse video on YouTube.

Future Endeavours

Stage two will be launching at the DHL Express Global Kick in January 2018 where employees will be able to enter VR caves and participate in Interactive Operational Learning Experiences. Held in Fort Lauderdale and Brussels, the event aims to drive employee engagement, skills & knowledge, multi-location interaction and team building.

Stage three will see the CIS program rolled out globally to encourage further employee engagement and motivation. Following this, stage 4 involves multi VR modules being developed to drive innovation in DHL Express’ digital landscape. The technology will be re-used across different projects and functions throughout the global network.

Meta for Business

Immerse are excited about the possibilities of the Meta for Business program. Meta believe businesses of all types can use Rift to boost productivity, accelerate training, and present the otherwise impossible to their employees and customers. There is also a very wide range of applications across industries like tourism, education, medical, construction, manufacturing, automotive, and retail.

To see more of Immerse’s work, please read our case studies.

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