Immerse has been Nominated!

27 Sep, 2017

Immerse are pleased to announce that they have been nominated in two different categories in the Immersive Perspective Awards.

  1. Best Applications of Immersive Reality in Education
  2. Company of the Year

Immerse entered the awards under the category of “Best Applications of Immersive Reality in Education” for our work with QinetiQ and the Royal Navy.

For this project, Immerse and QinetiQ came together to discuss the most efficient way for Navy trainees to be educated on vital submarine operations. One of their main aims was to reduce the time they have to spend at sea. Immerse created a 3D submarine control room, complete with working displays, VR boat operators and multiple interaction points for trainees to learn and practice their skills.

As with all of our VR solutions, teachers and multiple learners can enter the simulation from anywhere across the globe, and interact with each other and the submarine in real time. Numerous situations can be played out within the virtual ship, to test the trainees’ reactions to unexpected circumstances, preparing them for anything that may happen in the field.

Immersive training in VR is not only interesting and memorable, but can be tailored to individual learners, allowing for reduced training programmes based on a learner’s progress.

Our virtual training solution provides a solid core of skills, giving a head start before they head to the sea.

Full details can be found in our case study.

We have also been nominated for an award it was not possible to apply for – “Company of the Year”! The winner of this award will be chosen from the winners of each of the individual categories. Technology innovation, best application of immersive technologies, and business success will be taken into account to identify one company which shaped the immersive reality industry.

We are incredibly excited for the results to be announced on 15th October.