Stand Among the Clouds with Virtual Reality and 360 Photos

26 Sep, 2017

Recently we’ve been discussing the different entry points to virtual reality, whether creating content with our SDK or uploading 3D designs instantly into a virtual scene. Today we are looking at a fun and interesting reason to put on your headset – 360 photographs.

Being tech addicts at Immerse a few of us have invested in drones with inbuilt cameras, and this weekend we sent them up into the skies of Surrey to take some panoramic images of the scenic views.

After taking the pics and uploading to the drone’s software (where it compiles the multiple images taken) we experimented by exporting to Facebook’s excellent 360 viewer and sharing with our friends.

The 2D view looked great, but we are a VR company and we weren’t going to leave it there! By uploading to our Unity SDK we could feel as if we were standing in the clouds!

This is just one small application of VR technology, for more information on how your business could benefit from Immerse’s products please contact us.