Keeping your Assets In-House – Virtual Reality Benefits

19 Sep, 2017

In our latest blog posts we’ve been focusing on the limited available virtual reality content in the market, and how this has reduced the ease of adoption of this new technology. We’ve also given a number of solutions to this problem, e.g. creating content through our platform and SDK and uploading 3D designs directly into VR for sharing and collaboration.

Both of these methods have one advantage that we haven’t discussed, that the ability to create VR content yourself means you no longer have to reveal any of your designs or ideas to third parties.

In the past, to get your ideas into 3D and then VR, you need to discuss your plans with several designers to find the individual or company that is the best fit for your needs. With the selected people you then have to go into minute detail about your product or scenario, every interaction needs to be mapped out thoroughly for them to realistically recreate the assets you need.

With the customers Immerse has designed and created solutions for, such as Inmarsat and QinetiQ, both parties have had to sign NDAs in order for the work to progress, and for sensitive projects these can become complicated and time consuming to navigate and approve.

A subscription to Immerse’s platform however removes any need for secrecy, as no one but your own company will be able to see the designs you create From conception to creation, to hosting and sharing for collaboration, your designs remain your own and viewable only by you unless you choose otherwise. We provide the technology, and a secure platform for uploading and hosting, and only get involved should you want us to!

For more information about how your company can begin creating your own VR content, contact Immerse today!