The Problem with VR – Limited Content Availability Part 3

14 Sep, 2017

Unity Store and Immerse SDK – Content in minutes!

Our recent blog series has focused on one of the most limiting factors to widespread endorsement of virtual reality – the lack of useable 3D, VR ready content.

Part 1 discussed how the problem of limited content can be overcome using our Unity SDK

Part 2 introduced how our CAD visualisation tool can turn 3D designs into VR ready content quickly and easily.

This article demonstrates exactly how easy and accessible virtual reality can be!

As a VR tech company, we know how to use the available tech to create some very powerful experiences. The Immerse platform itself is based on the Unity game engine, so we have game developers with top notch C# skills. When we create a solution for our customers our team of developers and designers come together and use all of their skills and knowledge to create the perfect scenario.

But just how easy is it for people without a wealth of experience and knowledge to create VR content?

The Scenario

When a design engineering consultancy asked for a VR scenario to showcase their latest product at the DSEI conference, we challenged our Solutions Manager to provide a suitable offering without any help from our development or design teams.

Phil was given one day’s notice to create a demonstrable solution, using only Immerse’s SDK, raw files of the asset. He was also given a limited budget to use in the Unity store. At the end of this time he had to use our multi-user functionality to join the consultancy company inside the scene. They would then provide him feedback on the work he had done.  Could Phil produce something quickly and easily that would be good enough to present live on their conference stand?

Good Luck Phil!

The CAD design files had been created in Solidworks and exported as an OBJ file, at a massive 800mb! As there was no need for that level of detail to be preserved, the file was reduced to a more manageable 80mb for ease of upload.

Next Phil visited the Unity Store, purchased an appropriate background for just $15 and pulled our SDK into the scene. From here he could add appropriate details such as the Immerse logo, upload the asset into the correct place and test the basic interactions in the design.

The Result

The test with the consultancy proved a great success – they were incredibly happy with the scene and how it displayed their product, and couldn’t wait to set up and showcase their company at the event. Well done Phil!

The VR scene with asset in place

The VR scene with asset in place

The Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event has over 34,000 attendees in 2016. People can enter the VR scene live at the Consultancy’s stand until the 15th September 2017.

If you’d like to see what your company could create with our SDK and CAD visualisation tool, please contact us!