The Problem with VR – Limited Content Availability Part 2

8 Sep, 2017

In Part 1 of this blog we discussed the problem of lacking VR content and how Immerse intends to change this. Our aim is to remove the barrier to more companies becoming involved with virtual reality with their Platform and Unity SDK.

The Immerse Solution

For companies that use 3D design software such as CAD, Immerse has another way that companies can move seamlessly into the world of virtual reality. Our latest innovation allows designs created in software such as Autodesk™ to be exported as an OBJ file and uploaded to our software. There it can be rendered in full 3D and ready to view in virtual reality.

We hope that this CAD tool will become an essential part of the design process. It can be used by the designers themselves to visualise their creations at the correct scale. This gives a much more realistic and meaningful view of their designs than from a computer screen. Designers will have the ability to walk around their design, highlight or view each component individually, rotate and interact with moving parts. These features are intended to reduce the reliance on making physical prototypes. This will drastically cuts the cost and speed of getting to the perfect final design.

Ease of Collaboration

As with all Immerse solutions, once the design is in VR it can be shared using our platform to people across the globe. Multiple users can join the platform at the same time, either using VR headsets or web browsers. They can then collaborate on the design progress, compare different design versions, and interact with both the VR model and each other.

Giving the designs a physical presence and the correct scale in virtual reality allows designs to be assessed and approved quickly and easily. There is no need to travel, to create expensive prototypes or rely on other people’s imaginations to picture the finished product!

Additionally, once a design has been approved, the final version can be easily circulated among employees and contacts to showcase your latest innovations, to help sales conversations, and even for employee training.

An Example VR Scene

VR content creation example

Example of a room created using the Immerse SDK

Immerse’s SDK (discussed in part 1 of this blog) can be used in conjunction with these visualisation tools to transform a simple 3D model into a fully interactive, textured and perfectly life-like representation of your finished products. Create functionality using Unity, or add existing assets from our content library to your CAD design to perfect your model. Library assets include lifelike interactions such as button presses, hinged doors, wiring mechanisms and many similar operations. As these have already been designed and tested they can be easily and quickly merged with your designs.

If you would like more information on Immerse’s visualisation tool, or our SDK and platform please contact us, or call us on +44 20 3542 4255.