The Problem with VR – Limited Content Availability Part 1

8 Sep, 2017

Virtual Reality has been an incredibly popular and hotly debated topic since the start of 2016. Staggering predictions have been made about the uptake and consequent success of this burgeoning technology, in both the consumer and business spaces. One thing that has been standing in the way of more people investing in and utilising VR has been the the limitations on content creation.

But that could all be about to change!

Part 1 of this blog focuses on content creation from first principles. For our discussion on creating Virtual Reality content from existing designs in CAD software please see Part 2!

Previously, content needed to be designed and created by an in-house designer and development team. You can also contract with a third party who would design and deliver the completed project.

Many of Immerse’s clients such as QinetiQ and EY have used this method with great success. The content they received was perfect for their needs and provided a gateway into the world of virtual reality they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

In the future however, Immerse hopes that enterprises like these will be able to create their own content.

We are opening up the software platform that we create, host and share all of our virtual reality content to our customers and prospects.

Our Unity SDK incorporates everything needed to make 3D and VR-ready content creation simple, quick and inexpensive. The platform is straight forward and intuitive. This allows anyone with skills in Unity to very quickly start creating assets tailored perfectly to your business’ needs.

SDK Created VR content

Example of a game created with Immerse’s SDK and hosted and playable on our Platform

Additionally, our asset library features a huge range of pre-designed and created items. It includes solid objects such as chairs, cars and various shapes, to interactions such as buttons, handles and switches. Combining these pre-existing assets with your own designs means that your company can very quickly begin to build up a host of scenarios. These scenarios are then ready to be shared with employees and customers.

As with the content we create for our customers, all scenarios can be viewed and interacted with by multiple people at once. These people can be in VR headsets or web browsers, and anywhere in the world.

For more information about how Immerse can help you please contact us, or call us on +44 20 3542 4255.

If you work with 3D design software such as CAD, check out Part 2 of this blog!