7 Jul, 2017

The Challenge

Immerse has been appointed to develop a rugby-based VR training experience for EY. One of EY’s current goals is to highlight the growing importance of Virtual Reality in the digital revolution and how it can be used by businesses for both corporate and field training. and have teamed up with Immerse to do so.

With EY sponsoring the British and Irish Lions, they also wanted to inject some fun and competitive spirit into their activation events over the course of the rugby tour. EY therefore approached Immerse to develop a rugby based VR training experience.

The activity, which demonstrates how VR can be effectively used for any training event, was to be immersive, fun and memorable, embracing the latest VR technology and innovation, while not taking up too much space or being complicated to set up and play.

What we did

Immerse created a single player VR experience that uses the VIVE tracker to simulate a realistic kicking experience.

Each participant in turn wears a HTC Vive headset and emerges into a fully 3D rugby stadium complete with roaring crowd, scoreboard, and scuffable grass. In front of them can be seen the goalposts and they can pick up a ball and place it on the floor ready for their first attempt. Players have 10 kicks each, and aim to score with as few kicks as possible. Every successful kick returns them to the start to try to score again, but each time from a more difficult position. To reduce frustration, each time a player misses, the underlying game logic invisibly makes the next kick more likely to be successful.

The VR scenario accompanies all actions and their consequences with realistic feedback noises and crowd reactions to give an immersive and interesting experience.

To add a little more interactivity, VR cardboard cut-outs of well-known rugby players are scattered across the pitch and can be knocked over by throwing a rugby ball.

EY’s logo is displayed around the pitch where standard sponsors messaging at a rugby game would appear.


What this means

  • Realistic – With the tracker safely strapped to their kicking foot, it very effectively simulates the kicking of a rugby ball
  • Memorable and fun – The experience is likely to be remembered for providing innovative entertainment that creates friendly competition between the users
  • Internet free – The kicking game can be played without an internet connection
  • Simple set up – The tracker is easily attached to the player’s foot and can be monitored in the web browser if necessary. The game only requires a 3.5m square space to play in.
  • Innovative and unique – The VIVE tracker is a relatively new piece of technology so the novelty factor is high, and they offer completely unique experience from using the existing hand controllers.
  • Repeatable – The game experience is easily repeatable at various occasions