Save your Air Miles – Travel Virtually

9 Jun, 2017

There are two kinds of business travel. Those that are interesting and valuable, where you meet new people, see new places and come back with a wealth of new intelligence or suggestions to help your business in the future. There are also those that are arduous, barely worth the time and money spent, but unfortunately remain essential.

Having to travel to give or receive training more often than not falls into the latter category. Good training is vital to the smooth running of a company, but can be expensive in terms of time spent out of the office and travel costs.

Remote training is of course an option, but mostly relies on self-teaching from slides or unengaging video calls and a struggle to keep the learner’s attention and focus. Plus even with the most attentive trainee, learning in theory is a very different matter than learning onsite. Not only is physically using a machine or carrying out a procedure often very different in practice, the surrounding environment can prove incredibly distracting. These complicating factors can often make everything learnt in a classroom suddenly muddled or forgotten entirely!

Contrast this situation to an immersive learning experience, carried out anywhere in the world, which accurately recreates not only the tool or machine, but also the environment in which it will be used.

By creating simulations in virtual reality, the need to travel for bother trainer and trainee are removed. Multiple learners plus their trainers can all appear together in the virtual landscape where they can learn, discuss and interact with what they are learning about. Scenarios can be created to recreate the situations they will be facing, including atmospheric conditions like smoke and lights, to background and machinery noise to provide a fully immersive experience.

Learners can be placed into emergency situations and dangerous conditions without them having to leave their home or office, and without ever being at risk of real harm. This means that when they eventually get into the field, they are fully prepared for anything that may occur, but with hugely reduced travel and time costs.

If this sounds like it could benefit your business, speak to Immerse!