Don’t Push The Red Button!!! Maintain Health and Safety Standards using VR

9 Jun, 2017

Some industries such as mining, nuclear energy and construction are inherently dangerous. Large machinery, hazardous materials and perilous locations are all part of the job for seasoned workers, but for the uninitiated it can pose quite a challenge. Health and Safety training becomes an essential part of a business.

There are many reasons why it may become necessary to invite someone into a possibly dangerous situation. Investors and potential customers and partners might find it necessary to see first-hand what progress has been made on site, or maybe a large or fixed piece of machinery needs to be showcased. Even if a tool or machine could physically be moved, the loss of production often means it makes better financial sense to bring the people to site.

In some situations it may be possible to make do with photographs, diagrams and explanations, but if you really need to impress your audience, or showcase a particularly intricate or difficult to explain product or endeavour, you need something more impressive.

Before arriving at the site, you can give detailed health and safety warnings and point out every possible danger, but there’s always at least one person who just doesn’t listen. They’re the ones that get onto the site and start touching things they shouldn’t walking into cordoned off areas and get mighty tempted to push any big important looking buttons.

Alternatively you could recreate the entire scene in virtual reality, and give your audience a different, immersive and lifelike scenario of any product or activity you need to demonstrate. No need for personal protective gear, no need to make sure no one goes wandering off, no need to watch for falling debris, or make sure no one inhales too much dust. You can give your audience an interesting and interactive explanation of your product or methods without them becoming distracted by situational hazards.


And if this doesn’t impress them, we can even build a big red button for them to press until their heart’s content!

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