Press Release: UK’s first learning virtual reality platform launches

16 Jan, 2017

London, Monday 16th January 2017

Immerse Learning (Immerse), today announced the launch of its web-based multi-user learning platform. The company, which combines training and learning capabilities with immersive technologies, will showcase the platform with VR learning experiences at the Learning Technologies event at London Olympia from 1-2nd February 2017.

The platform has been built from the ground up for immersive training using the latest in virtual reality technology. Accessed via web-browser rather than a software download, the platform enables multiple learners to collaborate in real-time with one another and with trainers in virtual environments.

Immerse has piloted the platform with a number of organisations including large consultancy firms with L&D specialisms.

Justin Parry, COO at Immerse Learning, heads up the product strategy: “Currently, workforce learning and training requires real effort and imagination from the part of the learner to visualise and contextualise learning scenarios such as a fire hazard or machine components. A 2D image on a screen or a 2D video simply doesn’t immerse participants in course content. VR technology in the learning context provides previously unseen levels of immersion in learning programmes. We’ve developed the platform to focus on immersion, but equally on outcomes. We’ve ensured the platform provides built-in metrics which make the previously untrackable – trackable.”

With VR learning retention rates cited at above 75% vs.10-20% from reading and lecture based learning*, organisations with a strategic approach to learning characterise the pioneers of VR learning. Immerse CEO, Tom Symonds commented: “The organisations that recognise learning strategies need to be compatible with business strategies are some of the first to adopt VR. Often, they are not just looking to improve health and safety compliance for example, but are looking to innovate, to engage the workforce and use the most suited technologies to do this.”

Symonds explained the firm’s phased roll-out of the VR learning platform: “Our vision is to develop a community of learners, teachers and content creators to build knowledge through immersive VR learning experiences. The platform will serve as a hub for creation, access and immersion into experience-rich learning content.”

To experience Immerse’s platform, visit stand G6 at Learning Technologies.

Or, attend one of the two theatre sessions Immerse will be speaking at:

‘VR disruption in learning: records to downloads’, Justin Parry, COO, Immerse Learning

Theatre 3, 1st Feb, 10.15am-10.45am

‘Question Time: Why VR should get your vote’ , Marco Faccini, Chief Commercial Officer, Immerse Learning

Theatre 3, 2nd Feb, 12.30pm-1pm

If you can’t attend the event and are interested in a demo, enquire here.

  1. National Training Laboratory