Highlights from Silicon MilkRoundabout 2015

15 May, 2016


Last weekend the Immerse Product and Tech team decamped to the wilds of East London, along with our Oculus and a new 3D demo of our Oil Rig environment in the hopes of meeting some enthusiastic techies. We weren’t disappointed. From the moment the doors opened at 1pm, we were inundated by hordes of people keen to try the Oculus, and to find out a little bit more about our learning platform.

Our quest to find talented MEAN Developers, Unity Developers, Automation QA’s and DevOps engineers turned up some impressive candidates on Sunday, and we were very impressed with the amount of talent and enthusiasm we encountered over a very packed six hours of talking and demo’ing.  The reaction to the Oculus DK 2 was positive, and our stand was buzzing with the sound of helicopters landing and taking off from the Immerse Oil Rig, punctuated with the odd gasp of amazement as people realised just how far Virtual Reality has come, and what this means for the future.

Fortunately, the complimentary bar was just around the corner from our booth, meaning we just about managed to stay hydrated enough to speak to everyone we met. Would like to say thanks to everyone who dropped by the booth, left their details, or just wanted to have a chat about the exciting possibilities that exist around 3D learning. For those who left CVs, we’re slowly working through a big pile and will be in touch shortly!