Streamlining your L&D with the latest advances in technology

3 Mar, 2015



Last month, our CEO, Tom Symonds, wrote an article for Training Zone outlining the benefits of immersive learning environments (ILEs) for corporate training.

ILEs are built using the same 3D gaming and immersive technologies that are hitting the headlines due to the release of new virtual reality hardware and experiences such as the Oculus Rift. One of the obvious advantages of this technology is that it will resonate with Generation Y employees who have grown up using technology and playing video games. It is a highly visual, immersive way of learning that is more engaging than traditional methods.

Corporate L&D departments have traditionally been relatively conservative and slow to implement new technologies in their training, and not without reason. New technologies can be difficult to implement into existing corporate infrastructure and IT networks. In the past many solutions have failed to live up to claims that technology-based learning will make the delivery of training programmes easier and more efficient, whilst also engaging learners and not putting them off with technology that is slow and difficult to use.

However, recent advances have made this much more achievable – through the use of immersive learning environments, for example. The Immerse Platform can be accessed directly through the web browser and its combination of 3D graphics and an HTML5 User Interface create a much cleaner, quicker and more intuitive experience for both learner and facilitator.


Example of a live session on the Immerse Platform

In fact, ILEs combine the best of online and face to face learning. They are more cost-efficient and flexible than face to face training methods, and unlike traditional self-study eLearning solutions, they give learners a greater sense of ‘human’ or social presence and a more personalised learning experience, as they can communicate with their instructor and peers in real time. Live communication in the environment also draws on the benefits of face to face training (e.g. access to expert knowledge, live feedback and correction from an instructor), whilst removing the hassle and cost of travel and limitations in accessing the right instructors.

ILEs are also more engaging for learners, as the use of an avatar gives them a more physical and social presence and draws on the addictive aspects of video games. The 3D graphics and environments that the training is delivered in also give the learner some context and help them turn their learning into experience through role play and simulation in a safe and controlled environment.

Platforms such as Immerse can help to streamline learning across your organisation, allowing you to deliver multiple sessions in any timezone and using a range of 3D environments and teaching tools. You can deliver consistency across offices, even bringing employees from different locations together in the same session, as all training is delivered online and in real time.

It’s clear that new technologies, such as ILEs, offer many benefits for the corporate learning landscape, both in terms of practicality and efficiency and in terms of the learner experience. So, is it finally time for Learning & Development to catch up?


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