Learning Through Technology: Transforming the way learn

11 Feb, 2014


Technology forms an intrinsic part of our lives, making everyday tasks easier to manage. It wakes us, reminds us and manages us. In the workplace, technology enables global communication and collaboration.

So it only makes sense that technology can also be used to enhance our learning, whether in formal education or in the workplace. Technology is certainly becoming more prominent in learning and development. Learndirect’s ‘Learning through technology’ report shows that, on average, 20 per cent of a company’s learning and development budget is spent on technology.


Organisations cited the following reasons for investing in learning technologies:

  • To increase the reach of training within their workforce (98%)
  • To increase the sharing of good practice within the company (95%)
  • To improve the quality of learning (94%)
  • To increase the speed of learning (94%)
  • To deliver value for money (93%)

Some of the benefits of learning technologies mentioned include:

  • 22% reduction in training costs
  • 25% improvement in reach
  • 22% improvement in productivity
  • 9% improvement in staff retention


Nevertheless, the Towards Maturity 2013-14 benchmark study Talent:Technology:Change found that 75% of organisations are planning to increase their online learning. Learning technologies are becoming more popular as a tool for employee training. Findings from the CIPD 2013 Learning and Talent Development study showed that twice as many organisations include e-learning in their top three learning practices when compared with findings from 2009. Many of the challenges of implementing learning technologies in the workplace can be addressed by thorough planning and a focus on relevant and engaging course content and delivery. Adoption of technology-enabled learning has been slow due to learner approach to independent learning and lack of both knowledge of learning systems and their application by HR and training managers.

Technology presents an exciting opportunity to deliver engaging training in a fresh, innovative way. It enables organisations to provide consistent training for a global workforce, improve company-wide communications and increase engagement. As we become increasingly dependent on technology in our work and daily lives, it is important to implement technology-enabled solutions to our learning as well.